Compliance & HIPAA


Radcom Associates, Ltd. is committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner. Our goal in compliance is for all staff of Radcom Associates, Ltd. to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to follow internal policies and procedures.

Radcom Associates, Ltd. fosters and upholds an atmosphere and culture of compliance. We have developed a Compliance Manual with reference to the Compliance Program Guidance for Third Party Medical Billing Companies issued by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

We educate ourselves by regularly attending healthcare conferences and coding seminars to stay current of the most recent laws and regulations. We also keep track of new announcements and decisions from web sites of organizations such as the OIG, DHHS, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

In addition, our office and operational policies and procedures are documented in the Compliance Manual so our staff has a clear benchmark to follow.

To monitor how our goal of compliance is being achieved, we conduct regular internal audits in compliance in billing documentation, coding, reimbursement, and internal operational controls. The auditor would discuss the audit results with management and make suggestions for improvements.


Radcom Associates, Ltd. is committed to delivering services and products that enable our clients to meet the requirements of HIPAA. Working with our clients to address healthcare challenges is our business. We approach the challenges of HIPAA within an overall strategic framework that, backed by our industry knowledge, leadership and integrated internal business processes, position us to meet the long-term goals for our clients.

Although Privacy Standards implementation is an ongoing process, at least for now, access to confidential information and records is limited to necessary personnel. We are actively testing HIPAA standards and expect to meet all future and ongoing compliance dates. We are prepared and committed to quickly support the latest regulatory and managed care requirements. Also, we currently have appropriate disciplinary procedures in place for unauthorized disclosure of any confidential information.