Radcom Associates, Ltd. was founded in 1974 by a Certified Public Accountant in conjunction with a group of healthcare professionals for the purpose of providing to physicians an alternative service bureau offering cost effective medical billing services, with the highest degree of efficiency and performance.

The vision was then, and continues today to make available an expert team of healthcare professionals to meet the ever increasing reimbursement challenges presented by the overwhelming number of third party payers. Radcoms’ mission is to maximize physician reimbursement at the least possible cost by utilizing the skill and expertise of its experienced staff.

Radcom has evolved into both a multi-specialty and multi-state billing service managing revenue for clients who require expertise and efficiency in their practice.

From private office settings to hospital based groups to multi-specialty physician networks, Radcom has the resources to make your practice stronger and more profitable in four vital areas:

Accelerated Cash Flow

Increased Speed & Information Accuracy

Tighter Accounting Controls

Better Organization & Presentation of Useful Business Statistics

Radcom clients enjoy some of the most favorable receivable collection ratios in the industry.

Average Days in Receivable

Less than 45 days.

Adjusted Collection Percentage

Approximately 95%

These results along with the personalized service and attention to detail make Radcom a leader in customized medical billing.

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