Our Services

We pledge the following to you…

Service our clients at the level that they want to be serviced.
Provide monthly a statistical package that allows the client to understand his practice and mission.
Respond promptly to requests for special reports.
Have the infrastructure and staff to process claims and payments promptly.

Handle payment variances properly, ensuring that clients are paid at the contracted rate.
Fight aggressively for payment of every code when they are initially bundled into one by payers.
Abide by state HMO regulations in balance billing patients.
Know the key persons at the various payers so as to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Strive to keep abreast and keep clients abreast of local and national news that can affect their practices and income.
Have a sufficient history to indicate success and reliability.
Provide references from similar practices in the area.
Have the integrity to protect the client’s practice.

Have a compliance program and practice compliance diligently.
Cover clients’ practices with a succession team and have an effective plan in the event key persons are no longer involved in the service.